Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday morning communion worship service at St. Mark's cathedral

This morning, Hari, my host, dropped me off for the 8:30 Sunday morning communion worship service at St. Mark's Episcopal cathedral at 1, Mahatma Gahandi Blvd. It was a beautiful service and as I watched people walk up and down the center aisle to receive communion, a parade of gorgeous saris unfolded in front of my attentive eyes. Some people removed their shoes before communion in reverance of the sacrement.
GSE teammate, Jae, and his host couple, who are 40 year members, met me there and we enjoyed church coffee after the service.


  1. I dont know where the credit lies. Whether it is the sheer openess and philosophy of the hindu religion and/or the farsightedness of the India's framers of the constitution, but the degree to which secularism and the inclusion of many thoughts and religions are accepted is truly remarkable.

    Leif, you are really posting some lovely pictures.

  2. Leif:

    I'm following your every move via my Reader which keeps me updated. :) Thanks.