Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breakfast in London, England with Swedish cousin, Jenny Lundgren

During my 7 hour layover in London on Wednesday, February 18, en route to Bangalore, I arranged to meet my cousin from Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, Jenny Lundgren. She lives and works in London. We saw "Big Ben" and Westminster Abbey and a few other places. Now I have to dash back to the airport! Fun times!


  1. Ca y est, l'aventure commence!

    Bon séjour!


  2. Omiyage choudai!

    Zenbu hitori de gozaimashita.

    How cool that you could see your cousin in London. Why don't you do a layover in Tokyo on your way home?

    Cheers from Shinji & Yukari in Tokyo.

  3. I hope you had big yummy English breakfast complete with baked tomatoes! M-M good!

  4. Hi leif, Since I was meeting the Stillwater Girl for coffee I decided to check out your blog and realized you left yesterday! I should have guessed it because I've been thinking about you a lot. You'll have a great time. That Indian dancer is a little sensuous for a man on the loose. Stay safe and out of trouble.... Your Cowgirl friend

  5. Good job on the fast London upload Leif - looks like the new camera takes nice detailed photos.

    Just remember to reset the clock on the camera when you get to India or the datestamp will be all wrong for the time of day in your photos...


  6. Leif, this is amazing to learn -- Steve also has relatives in Ornskoldsvik and we've visited there many times. We'll have to discuss when you return to Gloria Dei!

    Nancy Johnson & Steven Haggmark