Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celebrities at the Rotary district conference

My Rotary buddy, Badri, helped me arrange to be photographed with two of Sunday's featured panelists. Sharmila Mandre, dressed in black, comes from a family of movie producers and distributors. She is a leading star in the regional kannada film industry. All her movies are hits including her newly released film, "Venkara in Sankata.'

"Radhika," sporting a fabulous orange sari, is a renowned television personality with her very popular "Ladies Club" program. She has worked with Zee and Udaya TV and now is the newsreader and anchor for TV 9, Bangalore's largest TV channel. Cher, Madonna, and Prince don't use a last name either . . . .


  1. Dad, You are sooo handsome! XOXO 3 beautiful girls in Eagan

  2. You look REALLY happy to be standing next to those two beautiful Indian women!