Friday, February 13, 2009

Radha Krishna statue

Check out his Radha Krishna statue!  Could one get that in a carry-on bag?! 
Credit is due another "blogger" (Rajesh Dangi in Bangalore).  His "daily photo from Bangalore"  web blog is linked on the bottom of my blog page.
4 days until airport check-in . . .


  1. 4 days and counting! Imagine that it is India that your blackberry will be working. Hiroko said that you were upset that your blackberry would not work in Japan. She said your comment was something like, "This blackberry works everywhere in the world except for Zimbabwe, North Korea and Japan."

    Itterasshai! Be safe and omiyage chodai!

  2. There are plenty of reputable emporiums in Bangalore that will ship. Radhakrishnan happens to be my dad's name ;-)

  3. wow beautiful Statue

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