Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday, March 20 - to Agra

On Friday, March 20, we left New Delhi and drove 4 hours to Agra. The first visit was a tour of the Agra Fort, a majestic citadel built in 1565 of red sandstone. Our guide is a "look alike" of a famous Bollywood actor in the recently released Indian movie, "Delhi 6" which I saw in Bangalore.

We did some shopping around Agra later in the afternoon. I found a little something at a store owned by a Rotarian from the Agra Taj Mahal Rotary club. He told me that I received a "Rotary discount" on my purchase, but .....

That evening, we went to the 6:30 show of "Mohabbat the Taj - the saga of Love." It was a dramatic and dazzling show about the story of the Muslim Emperor who built this 1st wonder of the world, a beautiful white marble mausoleum, after the death of this wife.

After the show, we finally met our Rotary host who put us up in his 2 bedroom guest apartment in Agra. His father is a Rotary past district governor.

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