Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bangalore stock exchange

On Thursday, March 5, I visited the Bangalore stock exchange on the 3rd and 4th floors of an office building in downtown. This is my 2nd "vocational day" through Rotary.

Mr. A Rajan, a stock broker with his own company of Rajashree & Co., answered my questions and the questions of three college seniors who joined us and explained how the markets work in India. Very interesting differences.

The "NSE" (National stock exchange) and the "BSE" (Bombay stock exchange) are the predominant stock exchanges in India while 21 other exchanges play a very small role overall. The NSE began in 1994 and the BSE started in 1880. About 5% of Indians own stock and of those persons about 99% of them hold only Indian stocks, no foreign stocks.

After my visit and coffee in the exchange canteen with Mr. Rajan, he sent me off in an auto rickshaw. The auto rickshaw driver, Pasha Parveez, sped through the traffic and obstacles en route to Nitesh's office. I really got a taste of the town from the back seat of Pasha's three-wheeled, yellow topped vehicle.

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