Friday, May 8, 2009

My friend Vicki at the Taj Mahal

Vicki and I serve on the Rotary District 5950 youth exchange district board together.  She's an amazing expert on youth exchange and an inspiration to our entire board!  She was also recently in India to attend a wedding.  Vicki was lucky to have the water fountains flush with water at the Taj Mahal! 


  1. Well, Mr. Leif, sir, I'm surprised at how many friends you have! I'm not surprised that it seems all you Rotarians do is party, party, party!

    What did you think of the Taj Mahal? And why is the water green?

    I'll be back to check out more of this exciting blog in the near future, and thus you can expect numerous further humorous quips!

  2. Really neat picture. I'd love to go there sometime.

  3. No other scene matches the Taj Mahal!