Thursday, January 29, 2009

Badri, our GSE coordinator in Bangalore

Badri Prasad Boggaram has been planning our one month stay in Bangalore along with his GSE hosting committee. He's a very kind, engaging fellow who seems to be working very hard to ensure a rewarding time for my GSE team and me once we arrive in south India in the state of Karnataka.
He and his younger brother run a second generation, family-owned, incense manufacturing company together. Badri also owns his own coffee plantation. Cool! He informed me that there are no "Starbucks" nor "Caribou" coffee shops in Bangalore but many other coffee locales. He's been coaching me on some new Kannada language vocabulary in our email exchange.
1. Hege ideeri? > How are you?
2. Bahala olleyadu vandanegalu. > Very well, thank you.
3. Nimma hesaru enu? > What's your name?
4. Nannu hesaru Leif > My name is Leif. (Rhymes with SAFE)
5. Idu dubaari. > This is expensive.

Counting down now from 19 days . . .

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